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Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Does this look yummy?

Then read the rest of this.

To kill a mockingbird…………………………you need more than a football.

Friday, April 6th, 2007

A few years back my boy and I were tossing the ball around in the yard. There was a short chainlink fence separating our yard from the neighbor’s yard. Sometimes the ball would end up over there.

On one of those occasions, my boy met his match. He must have invaded a mockingbird’s personal space and the bird was not too happy about it. The bird proceeded to dive bomb my boy’s head each time he tried to catch a pass.

I was a little put off by this so I aimed a little higher. Sure enough I actually got a hit.

The bird bounced off that ball like he had been shot. He dropped to the ground. He was stiff as a stone.

The boy scaled the fence and went after the ball. On the way back his curiosity got the better of him. About the time that he announced the bird’s death the thing woke up and flew up into his face.

It flew away and didn’t bother us anymore. We laughed and had to go inside to tell my wife about the little adventure.

Better than the Best in Show.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

As some of you know, I am a real dog lover. My favorite breed is the English Mastiff. I have owned a couple and one of them was pretty fantastic.

Well tonight I was watching the Westminster Dog Show. I picked the winner. The Springer was definitely the best of the 7 finalists. But I have to rant. The Springer was not the best in the whole show. The best dog did not take his group.

In the entire history of the Westminster Dog Show the English Mastiff has never ever taken the working group. I’m pretty convinced that will always be. I have followed this show since 1984. In most of that time the Mastiff really did not deserve to take the Working Group. This year that was not the case. The best dog in the show was the Mastiff and the Working Group judge passed him over without a suitable glance.

Ch Lazy D’s Family Tradition is the finest Mastiff specimen I have ever seen. I hope the owners and handlers know that. His treatment in this show was ridiculous. What a travesty.

If you were looking for a Valentine’s post, I’m not writing one this year. Just check out this old one.

Moving the Doghouse.

Friday, December 8th, 2006

“That thing is too big to move on a little pickup.  You better get something bigger.”

“How in the world are you going to move that monstrosity?”

Answer:  Imagination,  Determination and Persperation.

The Exception/ Accomplice

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

This is not actually my neighbor’s cat. But it looks just like him. The neighbors cat is the exception to the rule with my dogs. This cat can not only enter the yard but eat, sleep and play with the dogs.

One might think that a cat like this must have gained this status by winning a fight with the dogs. Not so. They liked each other from day one.

This cat is huge. I’ll bet he weighs at least twenty pounds. The reason I don’t have an authentic picture is that he is camera shy. If I have no camera he will rub against my calves. If I take out a camera he is gone in a flash.

You might think that he is all cuddles. You would be wrong. He is also a skilled hunter. He is sure death to any mice, squirrels or baby possums that might be in the area. But it gets worse. He is also a skilled fighter. He sends other tomcats running away within seconds of seeing them. He has a more sinister streak than this.

The first two times I found dead cats in the yard, he stood on the fence looking. The last time when I actually saw the kill he was also watching. Prior to this I was in the front yard pulling weeds from the Callas. I heard a cat fight then the dogs barking. I ran back to see the trouble and I saw the end of a fluffy cat. There he was, watching. I have no doubt that he chased the poor creature into the yard. When I called the dogs off and picked up the poor thing, big boy ran away as if he was guilty.

I guess this is a rough neighborhood.

Duo of Death

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

These are our dogs.


Clifford. No, we did not name him. He is a second hand dog.

They look adorable. They act adorable. But my family knows the truth. These cute little canines put up quite the front. These little doggies appear to be harmless but God help the cat or squirrel that makes it into the back yard. This is highly skilled hunting duo.

Clifford runs interference while Summer gives chase. The intruders meet their doom in a couple of different ways. I saw one of the cats come to an abrupt end when it went for the fence. Clifford blocked its other egress. Summer pulled it right off the fence. One quick shake and it was all over but the crying.

The squirels are even more interesting. Summer will chase the squirrel up the slanted willow tree in our back yard. Clifford climbs the slanted trunk barking as a mighty hound. By the time the squirrel is three feet from the ground, chomp!

Looks can be deceiving.

Adorable Little Vermin

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

A few years back we were living in Winters Texas. When you live in Winters, you typically shop in Abilene. We would all load up and head to town. No as you can imagine, a bunch of small children and Wal-Mart are a bad combination. So we came up with this solution: drop me and the children off at the park while Echo does the shopping.

Abilene has some fine parks. The one we chose was pretty nice. It had a top notch playground and was quite large. It also had a fantastic feature: a two foot tall concrete wall that encompassed a prairie dog village. This kept the little critters out of places where they would be a nuisance and made a nice little spectacle.

Now I love March. I love it because I am and have always been a kite flyer. I like two string kites so I can control them. At this time I had a dandy. A black and purple Beetle with a high wind package. So the children were on the playground and I was steps away flying the Beetle. I was flying it close to the prairie dog village.

No surprise. The kids forsook the slides and swings to come to see the show. As long as the kite stayed high in the sky, the villagers were contently going about their busy little lives. But with every swoop, came utter mayhem. As soon as they all resurfaced, swoop! All of the children, mine and the rest, came to laugh in sheer schadenfreude. Now that’s entertainment.

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