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For my brothers in suffering

Monday, January 8th, 2007

To the tune of Yippee Ty Yi Yo.

When I was out sulkin’ and whinin’ and moanin’
I think I was tackled while walkin’ along
A star on his helmet, he looked like Bob Lilly
And as he strolled onward he sang out this song

Get ready for next year, don’t cry little Romo
You blew the post season because you’re so green
Get ready for next year, don’t cry little Romo
A loss in the playoffs will sure make you mean

So what about T.O. will he stay around here
It looks like he found where he might just fit in
But for the dropped passes he must surely answer
I wonder if Jerry has had it with him

Get ready for next year, don’t cry little Romo
You blew the post season because you’re so green
Get ready for next year, don’t cry little Romo
A loss in the playoffs will sure make you mean

That leaves us with Tuna the reigning Kahuna
Will he keep on coachin’ the great sport of kings
He broke his retirement and moved here to Dallas
To weigh down his hand with more super bowl rings

Get ready for next year, don’t cry little Romo
You blew the post season because you’re so green
Get ready for next year, don’t cry little Romo
A loss in the playoffs will sure make you mean

Copyright BWH


Saturday, January 6th, 2007

The world is an ugly place. Maybe I’ll write again after I puke.

The First Loss

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Saturday my boy’s team suffered the agony of defeat. As hard as they tried, they could not win.

The other team was long and lean. Almost all of their players were lanky and quick. It seemed they were all over the quarterback before he even had a good grip on the ball.

Here is my boy holding on to a defender with all his strength. He did a good job. As you can see, the defender still got through.

Even when he blocked effectively, somebody would get around the outside.

He had fun but losing made him feel bad. I am thankful for that. Losing is supposed to feel bad. That makes winning even better.

Experiencing victory and defeat alike is good. Neither winning nor losing can build character. But, the two combined sure do. Now he can share the joy of victory and empathize with someone who just lost.

The Life Lessons of Midget League Football

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

I knew my boy’s first game would be a special experience. I didn’t know it would be major life lesson.

Two teams of little boys suited up in pads and jerseys meet for a contest of wills and skills. Neither team has developed impressive skills yet. They are all beginners. Even the best of them have a long way to go. But the wills were strong. My boy woke up intent on blocking and tackling to impress me. I think he impressed himself too.

His team won and won big. But that was far from being the highlight of the game. One thing that he learned was teamwork. A run into the end zone is made possible by a bunch of unnoticed blocks. My boy is not the one with the ball making a touch down.

He is the one in the back that had to floor a defender to make that touchdown happen. Nobody cheered that block. But it was important. And it happened. I’m proud. I hope he is too.

But it goes deeper than this. There is more to be learned. A lesson in anger was learned. A lesson in behavior was learned. A lesson in humility and meekness was learned. This lesson was taught by shame.

Here is the match up. My boy is paired up with a defender that had a few inches and pounds on him. He stood out sized. He stood his ground and blocked as well as he could. He gave more competition than his opponent wanted to get. So on one play, when my boy was knocked on his back, his opponent tried to intimidate him with roughness and insults. The boy stood over my son shouting insults and threats.

To his shame, my boy lost his temper. He planted a cleat under the facemask and square on the jaw. The boy fell to the ground in tears. My son was promptly ejected. A fifteen yard penalty was enforced. It was all I could do to stand by and shut up. The coaches took appropriate action. But I still wanted to run up there and paddle that boy. When we got in the car, we had a little talk. I don’t think he will ever do that sort of thing again. He was truly ashamed of himself.

I’m glad he learned a lesson today. I’m glad his shame taught him a little more self control. I hope he learns a few more lessons the hard way. I hope he learns about loyalty from getting his heart broken. I hope he breaks a heart and is ashamed. I hope he loses a fight over something he holds dear. Every child needs their share of broken noses, black eyes and failed grades. These lessons are just as important as the positive ones. Sort of like being humiliated when you win the game.

This year aint so good so far.

Monday, January 2nd, 2006


No Flying Tortillas today.

Now my only hope is a team I detest. Today I’m a Longhorn fan. I probably won’t be tomorrow but, I am today.

My Chrismas wish List

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

Echotig made Santa lists for herself and the children. I think I will play along. Some of these are normal and some are pretty fantastic.

You can’t go wrong with a bone in Ribeye.

Double Chateau Fuente, not the fanciest cigar in the world. But definitlely my favorite.

I am pleased to anounce that Stetson has resumed production of the Ruidoso, the finest hat I know.

A Canon Rebel XT with a good lens. That will get me back in the game. 10 years away and I still have the shutter bug.

CF Martin & Company, an American icon, I’d like one with a Texas flag top but I couldn’t find the picture.

Benelli 1873 .45 Colt Sporting Rifle and a classic Peacemaker. .45 ACP another American Icon.

Auburn Boattail Speedster, if your going to dream then dream big.

All of these things are spectacular. I would love to have any of them. What I really want is peace, quiet and a few kind words. I want a piece of chocolate cake. I want time with the family.

I want some time alone with Echo. A few years back, I walked her out to a windmill, knelt in the soft soil and gave her a ring. She said yes. That was a really good Christmas.

The Game

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

Echotig’s uncle Donald is the greatest gift giver ever. He gave me a Roy Williams jersey. He is a true Dallas Cowboys fan. He works at the Texas stadium gift shop. He has more memorabilia than anyone else I know. He even has a cowboys pickup.

He was showing me his most prized items. His favorite player was Bob Lilly. He has a signed ball and a number 74 jersey with his own name on the back.

My favorite present day player is Roy Williams. I love hard hitting defenders. Bob Lilly, Lee Roy Jordan and Randy White are on my favorites list.

I have noticed all of these gents sometimes go to the games and watch. The legends of the game are out there rooting, no doubt, for Roy Williams. Their time on the field has passed. Their greatness has not. So now they look on as the young cowboys struggle and sweat. Bob Lilly looks down from the sky box on young defenders. There is no doubt in my mind that he stands up and cheers from time to time.

Consider this Scripture:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Hebrews 12:1 NIV)

So our loved ones who go to heaven look down on us like retired players in the stands. We know they watch us run our race. It is up to us to make them stand up and cheer.