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Sunday, April 16th, 2006

It has now become necessary to explain the Straight Shooters Club to folks who jumped a link to this post.

The Straight Shooters Club is what I have named my personal blogroll. It is not something one can subscribe to. If I find your blog entertaining and choose to read it regularly then you’re in. If I don’t find it interesting enough to ready on a regular basis, I won’t list it. Many folks ask to be added. When they do I check them out. If I keep going back, I add them.

If I do start reading your blog but don’t add you right away, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t like your blog. It just means that I have not yet added you. I haven’t even finished the certificates for all the existing members yet.

I appreciate the gesture of posting my badge but do not require it. I only make the badges for those that want them.

Well as a matter of convenience. I will put all of the Certificates of Authenticity in this ever growing post. I will ask as many of you as put up badges to link them back to this post. Of course I will be happy to provide code along with these badges. And if the badge does not look right I will quickly make you one that will.

Introducing the Straight Shooters Club

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

I have decided to spruce up my blogrolling habits a bit.

You folks that make it on my blogroll are outstanding and should be treated as such. So in the very near future I will post certificates of authenticity for your straight shooter’s club memberships (above). Badges for your blogs will be available (below). Since these badges are custom graphics anyway I will make them in the size you need.

Any certified straight shooter will be entitled to a badge and blogroll sharing code that will be provided on request. These certificates and the club policy will be posted in the straight shooters category.