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American Pride

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Recently my employer sent me to Boston for training. I must suggest Boston as a vacation spot in the summer. The weather was comfortable and the trip was great. The food was much better on a short trip to Gloucester but Boston has the sights. We also went to Plymouth and flipped a couple of pennies onto Plymouth Rock.

If you do visit Boston walking Freedom Trail is imperative. Every American should do it. It brings you to better know the birth place of our Liberty.

I suggest starting with a climb up Breeds Hill to the Bunker Hill Monument. This is the north most sight in Charlestown. Then go to the Navy Yard and see the USS Constitution and the Museum. If you don’t know, this ship has been active for more than 200 years. It sank the HMS Guerriere and the HMS Java in the war of 1812. The Tripolitains surrendered the barbary war on her deck.

Then after walking across the Charles river on the Charlestown bridge, you find yourself in Boston’s north end, the home of Copp’s Hill, the Old North Church and Paul Revere Mall (not a shopping mall). The trail continues to astound with statues, tributes, historic buildings and places, finally winding up at Boston Common.

The amazing thing about Massachusetts is that things are so old. It is simply amazing that a park can be 400 years old. Buildings from the 1600’s look so good, like new. Sure part of the good looks may be Massachusetts granite, but most of it is pride. It is amazing how pride is not only Texan but all American. Pride can be a great servant. It can motivate us to do or preserve wonderful things. Pride provokes the patriotism to fly old glory all over Boston where so much anti-American sentiment festers. Sure I saw the bumper stickers and tee shirts that belittled our country but they were still few and far between. All of the ugliness that the lowlives can muster can’t overcome the beautiful pride of the locals, not only in Boston but in our country.

So say what you will but, I found red state values in the blue state Mecca. I found that there are Yankees with W window stickers. Most of all, I found a beautiful piece of history that unites both Texas and Yankee pride.