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Alternative Lyrics

Friday, March 31st, 2006
My sincere appologies to the Eagles.

Look at us baby, out all night
At th’ karaoke bar
Aren’t we the same two people who sang
Along in the car?
Every time I try to hit the highs
My cracklin’ voice makes me realize
That I can’t sing this high
I can’t sing this high
I can’t sing this high

When we get goin’,
they just ain’t right,
those notes out of my range

You know that I worry
This song aint tight
‘Cause I sound strange

This song writer is killin’ me
He made it harder than it had to be
and I can’t sing this high
no, baby, I can’t sing this high
I can’t sing this high
No, no, baby, I can’t sing this high
I can’t sing this high
I can’t sing this high

Jeff is Moonlighting.

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

We have all known for some time that Jeff frequently, secretly wishes he was a Texan. But now we know which Texan. Jeff is sneaking around moonlighting as a Willie Nelson impersonator. Here he is singing Willie’s new hit, “Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)”. Man that Jeff can sing.

Meet a couple of new bloggers.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

In the midst of all the protests, I want to talk about something different. Yes we have trouble here at home but our fellas in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere deal with bigger problems than these. So I would rather post about some of them.

I have become acquainted with two new bloggers in Iraq. Craig and Sean are both people with positive attitudes and superior character.

Craig is a contractor with KBR. His blog, “A Real Man,” is largely faith and character oriented. Naturally, I like that. I can’t admire people like him enough.

Sean is an NCO in the US Army in Tikrit. His blog, “i’m and idiot and these are my blitherings,” is about what ever crosses his mind. It has little glimpses into life in Tikrit and big insights on all types of stuff.

Neck Check

Monday, March 27th, 2006

Today I made several trips to the, “residential waste disposal.” My town is too classy to call it a dump. It is very interesting. My town’s landfill is in another town. So, the residential waste disposal is just a station where we take the items. Then they are sorted and disposed of appropriately by, “professional material specialists.”

First off, they did a thorough background check to make sure I was indeed who I said I was. And that I did actually reside in said municipality. Then I was allowed to dump my old mattresses, washing machine and other too big for normal pick up items. Some imposters were there trying to dump there, pretending to be from my town. They were promptly arrested and prosecuted for fraud.

Over all it was a pleasant experience. I’m surprised they don’t provide coffee and strudel.

All was well until it happened. I gave in to temptation and took the plunge into ultimate red neck status. I brought something back from the dump.

I couldn’t help it. There they were. Four perfect pot stands and matching terra cotta pots. I’m weak. I just couldn’t resist.

So now I have four spiffy planters lining the side of my front porch. Tomorrow I will fill them with some nice vincas. No doubt they will impress any annoying door knockers that will visit my home.

Valerie, do I need therapy?

I need a Mechanic

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

The Preacher got to me this morning. He has a talent for doing just that.

Some preachers spend time, “staying up to date.” They cover the, “issues of the day.” I can respect that. But my preacher does something that I have learned to value more than that. He is a back to the basics kind of person. He likes to cover the basics of character.

Anger and violence are big part of my sordid past. Too often they are a part of my sordid present. I don’t want to share the details. Trust me. You don’t want to know anyway. Suffice it to say that it is a problem.

This morning the preacher talked about the check engine light on his car. He compared it to angry outburst. Anger is like a check engine light for the heart. That is what gets me.

I have been driving around with my indicator lights on for some time. I spend a lot of time trying to fix my own problems. That doesn’t always work our very well. Things I am willing to live with can be more destructive than I recognize. When the indicators lights come on, I have to go to the Soul Mechanic. I don’t have the training, equipment or the knowledge to fix it myself.

Create in me a clean heart O God. Fix these things in my soul before I blow a gasket. Remove my resentment as I forgive. Let the evil in me die and make me New. Live in me.


Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Another one of the great American song writers is gone. I am really going to miss Buck. I’m not a big Hee Haw fan. But, Buck Owens’ music was outstanding. Few poets can rival his wit. I tip the big white hat to the man.

Jason Finally Gets His Big White Hat Award

Monday, March 20th, 2006

I have been emailed countless times regarding Jason McElwain. Some of the emails come from other parents with autistic children. Some come from folks that don’t have autistic children but know that my Tiger is autistic. Some have come from folks that just loved the story and have no idea that I have an autistic child.

Many of you have asked what I think about this boy and what he did. I have been reluctant to post about it because of my mixed emotions. Revka posted about him and his meeting with the president. Because of our autistic children Revka has a special relationship with Echo and me. She did a fantastic job on that post.

I have mixed emotions because this boy did something special but there is too much pity tied up in the story. The main reason this affected so many is that pity. Pity is natural and I have learned not to resent it. After young Jason met with the president I realized how I shouldn’t worry about that pity. I shouldn’t worry about it because this young man’s actions fly in the face of that pity.

First the coach let Jason play out of pity. He wouldn’t have done it if it were not the last chance Jason had to play and the fact that the team had a very comfortable lead. Jason answered that pity with a 20 point demonstration of how he should not be underestimated.

I think Jason’s autism helped him in that game. If it weren’t for the real effort he put into learning to talk, he would not have the confidence he needed to shoot 6-3 point shots. If it weren’t for the difficulties he has behaving in a way that is unnatural to him to assimilate with all of us neurotypical folks, he would not have overcome his height disadvantage in that game.

Jason is an admirable young man. I admire his attitude. I would still admire his attitude autism or no autism. I admire his shooting skills and his ability to get open and shoot quickly.

I would never expect Jason to compete daily with most high school basketball players. He is too short to do that without Spud Webb talent. I do however expect him to have a happy productive life that contributes richly to our world. All of us have our place in this world. Jason has the mettle and determination to find his. I won’t dare underestimate him.

I think Jason meeting with President Bush is poetic. Both of them are underestimated all the time. That doesn’t bother either of them. Jason’s accomplishments are a testimony to his unrecognized ability. It moved me to see him with the fella that coined the phrase, “…soft bigotry of low expectations.”

So yes indeed Jason gets a Big White Hat award. Not because he is autistic. Not because he made the news. Not because played so well. He gets it because he is going to continue to manage the team in the post season. He is not eligible to play in the post season because he was underestimated during the season. He was underestimated by everybody maybe even himself. But his attitude keeps him from being angry about that. He just wants to help his team win. He will act like that all of his life. And that will get many a job done. I want him on my team. I wish I were more like him.