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Creating a Monster.

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

My wife will tell you she created a monster when she dragged me into blogging. She may be right.

But now I have created a monster too. One week ago my wife asked me, “When does Monday Night Football start up again?” As we discussed the Cowboys line up this year, her eyes lit up.

Yes, I have created a monster.

Since I don’t want you dreaming of Peter Boyle puttin’ on the ritz, I leave you with this picture. Which was the best part of the movie.


Saturday, April 29th, 2006

From the moment we are conceived, we all enjoy the gift of life. This is the gift of Almighty God and no man has the right to take it from us. Yet thieves abound. And each day many of us are denied the most basic right.

The biggest problem is that many don’t care unless their own life is at stake. It is very easy to take the news of genocide with a grain of salt. That is as long as the genocide happens in Africa, Indonesia or some other place we really don’t care about. Too often things have to hit closer to home to even get us to notice.

We justify taking lives too. We call the murder of the unborn, “a political matter” or worse, “family planning”. We turn a blind eye voodoo witch doctor malpractice and call it, “treatment.” We condone the murder of the infirm and call it, “mercy.” We accept blasphemous indignant beheadings of innocent people as someone else’s religion? These terms are actually quite effective in reasoning away all reason. But they don’t work for me. You can put lipstick on a fish all day and it won’t stop him from stinking. I don’t care how many pretty names it has, evil is still evil.

I am not catholic. But I must say that John Paul II was right about our culture becoming a culture of death. It sickens me. We seem to no longer value human life. What have we become?

I have always valued both life and liberty. But I have had a major paradigm shift. My respect and love for life and liberty were drastically enhanced by my Tiger’s autism. I don’t look at people the same way anymore. I have a deeper appreciation for the defenseless. I have grown to despise pity and the phrase, “quality of life.” I have learned that suffering is a part of life and is not a justification for ending life. I place a higher value on individuals now.

The term “quality of life” takes on a whole new meaning when the target of the phrase is you or someone you know. Since when is someone’s value based on the amount of pain they feel or how functional their body is? Since when is someone’s IQ the basis for their right to breathe? Are you prepared to sit in judgment of the innocent?

I am convicted to action. As long as I am lucid, I will reason. As long as I am strong, I will struggle. As long as I am able, I will defend your right to live. It is all about the way I value your life. I love my own life. I love your life. Nothing is more important.

Yes I see this as right and wrong. I do see shades of gray. The trouble is, some people can’t see black and white. Wrong is wrong. Evil is evil. Those who will not admit that there are absolutes have lost their capacity for logic. They have lost their tolerance for truth. They have lost all reason. They have lost their souls.

So has our society lost its soul? Will we accept a culture of death? History shows that every culture that has, met its doom.

We all draw the line. It is just a question of where.

Fixed it.

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

I have a real post coming later today. Right now I’m just too tired. It was a long night and I need some sleep.

I figured out what my TTLB trouble was. Apparently the code I was using to equate the new domain and the old blogspot subdomain stopped being noticed by TTLB. The strange thing is I got the code from TTLB.

I noticed that one of the bigger linkers to bigwhitehat was somebody called Big White Hat. So I jumped to the details for Big White Hat and claimed my blog. Then and only then was I able to disable one detail and add the url to the other detail. So my 300 plus links are back. And I am once again at my way above pond scum yet still subhuman status.

I wonder how this will effect my Hill Billy ecosystem status?

Life Liberty and Property

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

I have kept politics off of this blog deliberately. There are other people more willing to sink the necessary time into that kind of writing that do a fine job. But, many of you know from my comments on your own blogs that I am a political person. I care deeply about many political subjects.

I was attracted to the Life Liberty Property blogroll by the name. The phrase itself was taken from Sir Walter Blackstone. He believed that the three basic rights bestowed on men by God Almighty are life, liberty and property. Consequently these are three of the things I value highly.

I asked to join this blogroll. I received an email asking me to point out my posts on individual rights. First, the fact that a blogroll administrator would actually follow up on the nature of the blogs he adds, floored me. This only makes me want on his blogroll even more. Second, it made me realize that I have long neglected doing post on this subject. In my zeal to not be political I neglected something spiritual.

So now I feel the need to write about my personal convictions and values regarding individual rights. I intend to do so in a short series of posts.

Blackstone’s teaching was often used in founding documents. His ideas and some of his language was used in the Declaration of Independence. His writings were quoted directly in the Texas Declaration of Independence.

The three basic rights he cites are all under attack today. Terrorist, despots, many elected and unelected civil servants, and cause driven zealots are attacking these rights every day. Today Life, Liberty and Property all have to be preserved at great cost. Today we remembered the many lives the priceless freedom and the confiscated treasure that were consumed by Hitler. And we have so many Hitler like fascist around the world. From Venezuela to Iran, psychotic tinhorn fascist dictators spread their bloodlust. In our own country we have elected officials and appointed judges who have no regard for anything truly precious.

God endowed us with these rights. But with rights come responsibilities. In this case that responsibility is vigilance.

I believe that God gave the ancient Hebrews a set of laws which perfectly suited them. These laws are on display in the scriptures starting with Exodus 20 and continue into the following three books. Within these laws are a civil and criminal code that reveals God’s character and expectations. They can and should be used as a model for all governments.

If this interests you at all, please see what Blackstone had to say in his own words.

So if you will indulge me, I will be posting some stuff the basic human right to Life very soon.

And thank you Eric. You broke up the writers block in one little email.

A Revolution in the Eco System

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Since I dropped from Large Mammal to Pond Scum for reasons I do not understand. I had to do something more entertaining with my status on the ’sphere.

Well Beth helped me find exactly what I need.

Let me introduce you to the ultimate in blogging red nekkidness: The Hill Billy ecosystem. The host gave me warm welcome.

Heavy on the Mister

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

The subject in Sunday school today was teaching our children to respect their elders. This is absolutely positively imperative to me. I know with utmost conviction that this is my God given duty. My children will respect those with white hair. They will open doors, give up seats and surrender their place in line. A deep reverence for our elders is the very essence of good character. If I can teach my children this, the rest will all just fall together.

One of the discussions was about addressing people as Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Miss. This is lost with many folks today. I’m sad to see this go.

Once when I was small I was sitting in a barbers chair at a little striped pole shop in Odessa Texas. My older brother addressed a man as Mr. Thorpe. The man said, “Call me Bob.” My brother replied, “Ok, Mr. Bob.” The idea of not addressing him by his title was beyond us both.

So now this has me thinking that it is time to get a little old fashioned. It is time to do a little more of this with my children. This hasn’t been missing from my children’s upbringing but I just want to emphasize it more.

I do have some added difficulty doing this these days. Some folks don’t like being addressed this way. And of course there is the whole non-descript Ms. title. Some times I just don’t know what to do with that. I think it is great for widows and divorcees but I just don’t like using it as a generic term. It just aint right.

Some decisions we make as parents aren’t easy. Some are. This is one of the easy ones.

A great Firefox fix

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

For you firefox users, I found a good way to speed up pageloads.

I hopped a link from Von’s blog to The Antihippy who linked this page. It works very well.